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Once upon a time, I was an introverted wallflower.

These days I’m a successful self-employed gal but, in my early days, I was the one “attending” events by going to them… and then hanging out in a bathroom stall until I felt like I’d spent “enough” time at the event. (Not my proudest moments.)

E-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y, I learned how to authentically and painlessly build relationships that helped move my career(s) forward.

The trouble for me was, I learned all of that the hard, slow way – by trials, and lots of errors.
And I didn’t want other folks to go through what I did. So I created a 5-week “boot camp” to teach my fellow creatives everything I knew.

I taught the course live four times…

…and then I recorded it, edited it, and uploaded it here especially for YOU.

Because I want you to have access to this bounty of insights, tactics, real-life success stories from participants, their questions, and my answers – all of which I know will help you find and connect with Your Right People.

(And, the truth is, you don’t need to connect with a ton of people – one Right Person can totally rock your world.)

What do these 8 hours of audio + PDFs include?

Lots of laughs, actually.

Plus my list of 101 awesome networking questions. And guidance from a panel of networking experts. Help identifying all of the stuff you DON’T need to be doing. How to answer awkward questions like: “So, what have you done lately?” Samples of actual letters that got me some great mentors. (Oh, and a whole extra course on PR and branding.)

Shelley Dennis echoes the sentiments of many Networking Boot Camp participants and listeners:

“Kristine’s Networking Boot Camp was a breath of fresh air for me because she wasn’t just some good speaker who entertained us for an hour and a half each week. The beauty in her workshop is specificity. Not only does she tell you what you should do, but she teaches you HOW to do it. So many resources out there are inspirational but vague, leaving us all eager to run out there and do it, but then we have to go back home and learn how. Kristine provides a map to the places she tells you to go.”

So, take it from Shelley and me, this is quality stuff right here – download and enjoy!

or listen directly from this page (below)

Watch this video to hear from
Networking Boot Camp participants about their experience:

You’ll learn:

why you need to “compete” with talent and relationships
what to say when you meet someone for the second time
my all-time favorite networking tool
how to quickly dissolve a frustration flare-up
how to use “positive dips” to strengthen your network
how to organize and utilize hot, warm, and cold lists
the truth about databases
addressing peers vs. “higher-ups”
and more

You’ll learn:

the three things that will protect you from burnout
how I craft my mentor request letters
the value of having a “100 Club”
how having an interview can ruin a conversation
how to turn one meeting into another (and another)
best ways to follow-up with folks
how to keep conversations “business-only”
how to protect your networking time
and more

You’ll learn:

the value of trusting your instincts
the advantage of the phone vs. email
what you are actually doing when you are networking
how to nurture a fan base
how to get your emails opened
how to meet the top people in any group
how to exit a commitment without seeming “flaky”
how to “network up”
and more

You’ll learn:

the difference between arrogance and ownership
how to share your victories without guilt or fear
why getting “in alignment” is necessary for success
the pros and cons of bringing a guest to an event
how to handle the 4 most awkward networking questions
how to deal with lulls in a conversation
effective exit strategies
how to turn a social relationship into a biz relationship
and more

Session 5 is the recording of a live event where I invited a panel of my colleagues to answer questions and offer advice on how to grow and strengthen your network.

You’ll get generous guidance from six experienced networkers who “feel the fear but do it anyway.” They candidly share their mistakes, their bold moves, and how they “networked-up” to connect with Jon Favreau, Jodie Foster, and Brian Grazer. You’ll learn how they extended themselves to draw people into their life by choice (not just by chance) – and how you can do it too.

Session 6 is the recording of a live event with actor and voice over artist, David Lawrence, who recurred as villain Eric “The Puppet Master” Doyle for two seasons on NBC’s Heroes.

It’s an inspiring talk about networking before and after booking a recurring role on a hit network television show. David answers questions and shares his best practices for connecting with and staying connected to folks as your career begins to flourish and your profile starts to rise. In this session, I also share how I met and later purposefully reached out to David (in hopes that he’d eventually become a business mentor to me. Which he did.)

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1• The Mega List of 101 Networking Questions
I compiled this list from my own personal stash of killer questions plus contributions made by the members of the first live Boot Camp. In meetings and conversations, it’s good to ask some personal questions and some business-related ones – this list offers both types. And all of the questions are stimulating (rather than run-of-the-mill) so by using them, you will very likely be remembered.

2• Kristine’s Industry Gift Guide

3• Four Sample Mentor Letters with notes
I’m including four letters that I actually wrote (to request guidance) and sent (and that were successful in getting me meetings!) so you can use the formatting and text as templates for your own communication.

4• The Golden Nugget Game
A description of the networking tool that I refer to as “my lifesaver” so you can use it too.

5• The Table of Contents of all six sessions
Detailed and organized so you can easily re-locate all of your favorite tips and techniques.

Figuring out your personal brand is a process.

But the truth is, you are already branding yourself. Everyone is, daily. Each time you connect with anyone in the industry it is a micro-branding moment – and those micro-moments do add up. Unfortunately, if you aren’t aware of what you are doing, or if what you are doing does not have a clear intent and message behind it, you end up, over the years, branding yourself blandly, generically, vaguely.

I invited publicity consultant, Joy Donnell, to shake up your mind and give you questions and ideas and thoughts that you can start rolling around in your brain… and all that juicy marination leads to those valuable “ah-ha!” moments.

Looking for some positive peeps

(and some expert guidance)?

This is a group unlike any other in Los Angeles… an intimate circle of creative professionals gathering in-person each month to receive strategic coaching from me and to give wholehearted support to each other. Having a group of smart, talented colleagues who are there for you – to help shift your perspective, encourage your proactivity, and celebrate your progress – can be a game-changer. And if you’ve been pursuing your goals in a somewhat solitary environment, or you have friends and loved ones who don’t quite understand the challenges involved with juggling all of the moving parts of your businesses and/or creative endeavors, then you’ll likely find participating in this mastermind to be a particularly enriching experience.

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