Ditching Your Day Job Seminar 2018-01-03T23:42:19+00:00

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This seminar was designed to provide actors and other performing artists – like yourself – with a focused, stripped-down plan of action that, if followed, will help you leverage the resources you currently have (your time, energy and money) so that you can earn enough income from your art to finally ditch your day job.

You’ll learn:

Part 1 • the missing ingredient that far too many actors are trying to build their careers without

Part 2 • how to get and keep the full attention of your agent and manager

Part 3 • why your career will hit a ceiling unless you extend yourself – and how to do that quickly and simply

Part 4 • some of my simplest and most effective networking strategies

Part 5 • two detailed examples of the power of career strategy in action

Part 6 • what “a focus” is and why it’s a critical component of success

Part 7 • the 4 elements of your weekly plan – and the 3 things that will help you stick with it

Are you trying to build a career

on shaky ground?

If so, that means you are working harder than other people are – and for far fewer results. No more of that.  It’s time for you to generate momentum in your life and career. It’s time for you to create a physical environment that supports you rather than drains you. It’s time for you to put a simple routine in place to keep your finances organized. It’s time for you to nurture the relationships you want (without feeling intrusive or needy). Let’s put a firm foundation in place that will serve you for many years to come so you won’t be distracted any longer from what’s truly important: sharing your gifts with the world. This audio book will help you move forward faster and achieve sustained success.