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As members of my mastermind groups started to have significant victories – victories that they proactively generated by making bold moves – I decided to interview a few of them to deconstruct, step-by-step, how they did it.

Each success story below details exactly how they found or created the opportunities… how they took action despite their nerves or fear… and how they were challenged by and overcame the obstacles that were in their way.

These interviews are proof that yes, it’s possible – and yes, YOU can do it too!

Download the interviews here – or listen directly from this page (below):

Amro Salama

How Amro booked his first studio feature film role

gregory guy gordon

How Gregory “saved” his role in a web series

aida lembo

How Aida created a role for herself in a feature film

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When you are breaking through to higher levels in this industry, you will move forward faster if you are connected to colleagues who can support you through the growing pains of success, and you will move forward faster if you are guided by a coach who can help you maximize the opportunities as they start to roll in. And while collaboration is a big part of the actor’s art, there is much of a working actor’s job that is quite solitary. If you are a smart, savvy L.A.-based actor looking for an intimate, in-person community of positive, proactive peeps with whom you can network, share experiences and information, and help each other make fewer mistakes and waste fewer dollars… then one of my monthly mastermind groups might be a perfect fit for you.

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