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The 3 Feeding Your Focus videos:

These three videos were created in conjunction with my audio book Feeding Your Focus: How Creative People Can Move Forward Faster and Achieve Sustained Success. Each video elaborates more fully on (or gives visual life to) a topic covered in the book.

Defining Your Focus

What is a “focus?” What is the value of having one? How do you craft one for yourself?

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Paper Flow System

I’ll walk you through my system step-by-step – and prove to you that paper can be tamed in even the tiniest of living spaces.

Coffee Dates

Set a goal for yourself of at least 1 Coffee Date a month and see what happens to your career…

Do you yearn to get organized

on the inside and the outside?

A clear focus and strategic plan of action. An organized home office and financial life. Effective (and comfortable) ways to network. Each of those are building blocks of a solid foundation for your career. Each of those are possible when you apply the step-by-step guidance I’m offering you. Together we can eliminate your areas of frustration, vagueness, and disorganization. This audio book is a tool that will help you shift to your next level of success.